Welcome to the official Interplanetary Transport project and information portal!


Interplanetary Transport, the main information platform, network portal and project organisation was started 2015 and founded in 2016 by Oliver Gediminas Caplikas. The pages interplanetary-transport.com, interplanetarytransport.net and interplanetarytransport.org were registered by the founder and are saved by international rights. Some of the projects declared and claimed Trademark Rights. Most of the projects and websites are in work and will be published if they are ready so far. Change Games, Interplanetary Internet and international partners will support various project developments. Joint ventures, long term cooperations, collaborations or other sustainable partnerships are welcome. New investors and sponsors are invited to join the outstanding projects. Next round will be winter 2020/2021. You can request more details by eMail or contact the founder on official channels like Linkedin.

With the right support this main project platform will not just inform about interesting developments for upcoming space developments and innovations for Earth, Moon, Mars and space. Together we can work on awesome developments and projects like space drones, interplanetary internet solutions,… Help us to reach new frontiers and horizons, for a better future and humanity in space. A generation of space explorers, open minded scientists and friendly or peaceful humans. Constructive feedback like advises or suggestions are always welcome.

Newest projects: cargospaceship.com, interplanetary.eu, lunarbasecamp.org moonbasestation.org, moonstation.eu, moondrone.org, solarsysteminternet.org,.. tbc.

For advanced space exploration and space colonization or space settlement we need a special space station and base camp for the Moon. For advanced space travels and interplanetary transport logistics we need a moon and mars station, a kind of hub or gateway in the orbits. Humanity and especially the space industry should rethink their space progams towards more reusable and sustainable space developments. There are many good cleantech and greentech developments on Earth can be used for space, lunar and mars missions. Many old satellites could be reactivated and upgraded as carrier for new technologies, even as simple communication node they would be usefull. It is really time for startups who work on satellite or spacecraft recycling and upcycling solutions.

Another great idea is to use old space stations for future space exploration. The next generations will thank us and they will have a kind of live museum of human history of space travel. The International Space Station can be send into higher Earth orbit and later after the official lifespan in moon or mars orbit or even into deep space ! The station can be used as autonomous science lab, similar like satellites with sensors and scientific equipment. It is a chance to use the ISS as unmanned space system, network node/server and science platform with a lot of new sensors to study our solar system. Change from wasting resources to a sustainable space economy, industry and space society. Start to clean up and recycle the space debris, use lasers and other innovative tools for small parts. Collect bigger parts of space junk with special satellites or cargo spaceships. You can read more about the space debris problems and  solutions here.